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Terms & Conditions for a team securing another team for the St Basils Walk

St Basils ‘Company recommending another company for the St Basils Walk’ Terms & Conditions

  1. Rules

1.1   The following terms and conditions apply to the ‘waver’ of the registration fee for a team entering the St Basils Walk event and successfully recruiting another team to register for the event that has never done the event before.

1.2   Anyone who applies for this ‘waver’ will be deemed to have read and understood these rules and will agree to abide by them. These terms and conditions are available on request in paper format should they be required.

  1. Details

2.1 To be eligible for this waver your company must have completed the 2015 St Basils Walk.
2.2 The company that you nominate must never have done the St Basils Walk event before.
2.3 The company that you nominate must register and pay for their place on the walk
       so that we (St Basils) can track to see if they are indeed eligible for this.
2.4 The nominated company must mention the name of the company which recruited them
       on their registration document.
2.5 Once the nominated company has registered and paid their entry fee we will wave or

       return the team fee for the company that nominated them in the first place.

  1. Eligibly

3.1   Your company must have completed the St Basils Walk 2015.

The nominated company must never have taken part in a previous St Basils Walk.