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Hike for Homeless Summer Team Challenge

Join us for an extraordinary opportunity to combine adventure, networking, and philanthropy at our Annual Hike for Homeless.

  • Saturday 8th June

  • Abergavenny, South Wales

  • Walking distances suitable for every fitness and experience level


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Are you a professional looking to make a meaningful impact in the lives of young people?

This is not your typical day at the office— it’s an outdoor adventure filled with laughter, camaraderie, and trekking! So ditch the conference room for a day of discovery and team building!

Set against the picturesque backdrop of South Wales’ Abergavenny area, mark your calendars for Saturday, June 8th, and get ready for an adventure tailored to every fitness level.

This isn’t just about the hike—it’s about making a difference. As we traverse the stunning landscapes of Wales, we’re not only raising funds but also shining a light on the plight of young people  on the brink of homelessness in the West Midlands. Your participation is crucial in providing them with the vital support they need.

This event offers a unique opportunity for team building whilst advancing your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

There are 3 levels of Hike this year, from novice to expert:


Skirrid - Short Route

This route spans 8 miles with 1 hill of 486m. It boasts incredible views and is perfect for beginners. It is said locally that the Earth from Skirrid Fawr is sacred, being spread in the foundations of many historical buildings nearby.

Twyn yr Allt - Medium route

Also inclusive of Skirrid, this route includes Twyn yr Allt and spans 15 miles, with 2 hills of 468m and 341m. In this area, you can see evidence of an Iron Age Hillfort from about 2000 years ago- defensive ditches which surrounded Celtic villages.

Sugar Loaf - Long route

Also inclusive of Skirrid and Twyn yr Allt, our longest route spans 23 miles, with 3 hills of 468m, 341m and 596m. Sugar Loaf provides a spectacular backdrop to the market town of Abergavenny with panoramic views across South Wales, the Brecon Beacons and into south-west England from its peak.


The views from each of these summits are stunning, making for great photo opportunities, as well as the joy of reaching a shared goal with your colleagues and other companies sharing similar values.

  • Short route approx. 8 miles – 10am start, 2/3 hours average
  • Medium route approx. 15 miles – 9am start, 5/6 hours average
  • Long route, approx. 23 miles – 8am start, 10/11 hours average

Register Here

Remember to use code H4HEARLYBIRD for 10% off your registration until March 31st!

Why should you participate?

Check out what our charity partners, Richborough, have to say about the Hike for Homeless:

Your participation will directly contribute to providing shelter, education, and essential support services for young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Our services include:

  • Supported Accommodation
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Care Leavers Support
  • Employability Programme
  • Homelessness prevention services (such as mediation and substance misuse support)
  • Youth Voice (a programme dedicated to preventing homelessness by ensuring young people are heard in the homelessness prevention sphere)

Every pound raised will be utilized to provide safe housing, educational support, counselling, life skills training, and employment opportunities, ensuring that our young people have a real chance to thrive.

What Else Will The Event Involve?

Throughout the Hike, you will find many chances to rest and soak in the views at our strategic checkpoints.

We provide not only water and energy treats, but we have the most amazing marshals you will ever meet! There are no markers on this challenge- just a map/picture guide and/or GPS to guide you through. If in doubt- always ask a marshal.

There will be many chances to celebrate your success post-hike, including a massive community barbecue at a local pub, the Three Pools, who are pulling out all the stops for Team St Basils.

Want to rest in Wales? The Three Pools also have great accommodation, so please check out their Three Pools accommodation page.

hike for homeless hike for homeless hike for homeless


Where does Hike for Homeless usually take place?
  • The event is held in a different part of the UK every summer. We choose iconic walking locations to maximise the visual experience. As a rule of thumb, the locations are chosen because they fall within a 2 ½ hour drive from our head quarters in Birmingham city centre. We’ve been to Brecon beacons, the Cotswolds and the Peak District to name a few.
Can I do the Hike on my own?
  • Unfortunately, we cannot have lone hikers take part. The minimum amount of people in a team must be 3 for health & safety reasons.
How many people can I have in a team?
  • The minimum is 3 people and the maximum is 6 people per team. If your group is larger than 6 people, simply create more teams. For example, if 8 of you wanted to sign up, you could create 2 teams of 4 people. This way we can more easily keep track of teams and increase the friendly competition!
I’m not sure which length of Hike suits me. How long will it take?
  • The short route is designed for young families and people who don’t regularly hike, and should take around 2/3 hours.
    The medium route most people who exercise regularly can do, and should take around 5/6 hours.
    The Long route can be tough, and you’ll need to be relatively fit to achieve this- it should take around 10/11 hours.
Are there check points?
  • Yes. These are spaced according to the terrain and accessibility. All check points are staffed by our friendly marshals who will check you through to make sure you’re all ok. You can also get energy treats and water at these points. We will aim to provide portaloos at these check points as well, pending permission.
Can I bring my dog?
  • Furry friends are very welcome- you must bring a lead with you, and always leash your pet when crossing farm land or instructed to do so by the land owner. Please also be aware to bring all of the necessities- water, treats, and waste bags.
What if I injure myself or feel I can’t carry on?
  • If you are injured to the point you can’t move, ask one of your teammates to phone 999 and stay with you whilst another member goes to the nearest check point to inform a marshal.
    If you can, make your way to the nearest check point- we will give you a lift to the finish line so you can retire.
What should I bring with me?
  • Ensure you bring your team map and guide booklet- we will send this to you after you have registered your team. Bring with you a mobile phone and portable charger, wearing clothing suitable for all weathers and for walking. We advise you wear good, worn-in walking boots. Make sure you have a rucksack, snacks and a water bottle to be refilled at the check points.
Are there signs on the route? Will I be on private land?
  • This event is legendary for its orienting element- there will be no signs. If you follow the guide and use the map, you should follow the designated route quite easily. Every inch of all routes is on public footpaths or public highways.
How much do I need to raise?
  • As much as you can! Each £9 raised helps us pay for a night’s accommodation for a disadvantaged young person. You could aim for 10 nights, a month- some people have even fundraised to cover a whole year! Once your fundraising page is automatically set up, we will give you tips, tricks, and we’ll even have someone on hand to be on your side and answer any queries, every step of the way.
What does the money raised go to?
  • St Basils works with young people to enable them to find and keep a home, grow their confidence, develop their skills, increase opportunities and prevent homelessness. We rely on the support of fundraisers like yourself to prevent youth homelessness for young people aged 16-25. We help 4,000 young people every single year, and are short of £9 per young person per night to provide accommodation. Browse our website for more about St Basils.


This event is supported by IM Properties.

Special thanks to all at the Three Pools.