St Basils’ Psychologically Informed Environments invited to present at Health conference as example of good practice
05 DEC 2016

St Basils was invited to present their Psychologically Informed Environment’s (PIE) programme at the New NHS Alliance Action Summit on “Health Creation” on 1st December 2016. 

Health Creation is defined as “the enhancement in health and wellbeing that occurs when individuals and communities achieve a sense of purpose, hope, mastery and control over their own lives & immediate environment” (Hazel Stuteley, 2016).  St Basils’ PIE corresponds with this ethos, with staff receiving training and support to engage, empower and collaborate with young people using our services; whilst avoiding behaviours that invalidate or create dependency.

Dr Amanda Skeate presented on behalf of St Basils; describing PIE and its outcomes, service improvement work carried out by young people with St Basils National Engagement Manager Tamzin Taylor-Rosser, and the Mental Skills Training programme led by Dr Jennifer Cummings from the University of Birmingham.  Overwhelmingly, delegates at the conference commented favourably on the PIE approach, recognising gains for young people and staff, and reflected on other settings that might benefit from ‘PIE’.

Dr Amanda Skeate shared a video on Mental Skills Training as part of her presentation. In response to a few enquiries we’ve had  since then, we have embedded the video below and if you want to share it with your peers, here is the link: