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Gender Pay Gap Report 2020


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Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Since 2018 all UK employers over a certain size have been required to report on their gender pay gap.  We’re now publishing our 2020 report.

In this report you’ll find a snapshot of the gender pay balance within St Basils, accompanied by notes to explain what the results mean.

One of St Basils’ strategic priorities is ‘Challenging discrimination and promoting diversity and cohesion through employment, service delivery and community engagement’ – central to which is our ongoing commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and to addressing workplace barriers to equality.

We welcome the requirement to report on this data and will use the information to inform our continuing commitment to ensure that everyone – regardless of race, ethnicity or gender – has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Download our 2020 Gender Pay gap report here:

St Basils Gender Pay Gap Report 2020