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Mental Skills Training Commissioning and Evaluation Toolkit launched


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Mental Skills Training Commissioning and Evaluation Toolkit launched

The SPRINT project team at The University of Birmingham are excited to announce the launch of their Mental Skills Training Commissioning and Evaluation Toolkit, which utilises the joint programme developed with St Basils 6+ years ago as an example of the successful implementation of a strengths based programme….

This new resource is freely available for you to view and download by visiting their website:

The Commissioning and Evaluation Toolkit marks the culmination of 6+ years of collaborative work with St Basils, on the My Strengths Training for LifeTM (MST4LifeTM) programme. It completes the trilogy of toolkit resources The SPRINT project team have released in the last year. Along with the Mental Skills Training Toolkit and accompanying Delivery Guide, this new resource aims to support commissioners as they consider planning for, evaluating and implementing a strengths-based intervention in their sector. The team have  used learning and evidence from the MST4LifeTM programme as a case study to illustrate the successful implementation of a strengths-based intervention to improve resilience in young people experiencing homelessness or at risk. Learn more by watching this short video:

By reaching out to other organisations in or outside of the homelessness sector, it is hoped that those that desire to, can be supported to begin the implementation of strengths-based intervention among their service users too.

If you end up using the Commissioning and Evaluation Toolkit, or have any questions about any of our other resources, then the team would love to hear from you! Please contact them using the form on The SPRINT project website or by using the hashtags #MSTtoolkit & #MST4Life on Twitter.