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Following on from the success of becoming a PIE; St Basils have worked with other organisations who wanted to be better equipped to support young people in junior positions (e.g. apprenticeships) in their workplaces.

Acknowledging that sometimes young people are not fully prepared for a work environment; particularly those from disaffected and disadvantaged communities; these managers wanted help to find positive ways to support and empower young people to succeed in their team.

PIE4employers training helps managers better understand the perspective of young people and the challenges of the ‘adolescent brain’, as well as learning practical skills to motivate young people to become valued members of their teams.

If you would like to learn more about what a PIE is and the St Basils’ PIE journey, we have quarterly online briefings plus a Q&A session hosted by our CEO, Jean Templeton and our PIE Lead, Dr Amanda Skeate.

St Basils PIE Briefings for 2022/2023 are as follows:

    • 6th July 2022 – 11-12:30pm
    • 27th September 2022 – 10-11:30am
    • 10th January 2023 – 10-11:30am
    • 20th March 2023 – 10-11:30am

Please email and we will get you booked on your chosen session.