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PIE and Parenting Young People (PYP)


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PIE and Parenting Young People (PYP)

Youth homelessness is often a result of conflict between parents and the young person.  As families are increasingly struggling with finances, unemployment and reduced support for difficulties such as Autism, ADHD and mental health problems; families sometimes lack the emotional and psychological resources to manage the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  This is described by the PIE team as “wits-end parenting”.  From this, it was recognised that if parents could learn the same skills in building positive relationships and managing challenging behaviour as PIE trained St Basils’ staff, then this could potentially have a positive impact on reducing youth homelessness.

The Parenting Young People (PYP) programme can help parents develop the knowledge, resources and confidence to work with their young person for better outcomes.

In contrast to traditional parenting programmes PYP was co-designed by parents for parents and, as well as practical learning in workshop sessions, also provides a forum for parents to share experiences and reflect on how they can apply what they have learnt.

We have just delivered the first round of the PYP programme in Birmingham and Solihull which consisted of 8 sessions held every other week. Subject to funding, we hope to host further sessions in the future. Dates will be published on our blog and social media platforms.

In the meantime if you would like more information or would like to register your interest in being part of future PYP groups please contact us on or 07876 474 829.