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You Can Employability Service

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You Can Employability Service

St Basils have a team of Employability Coaches that provide a 5 week Programme to young people within our accommodation and support services.  This 5 week course called #YouCan is to facilitate intensive support to help young people kick start the journey back to employment. With a focus of how to get there, through Education, Training and Work Placements in industry.

The service is heavily linked to our accredited LifeSkills programme, Youth Voice and My Strengths (mental resilience) training (MST4Life) which addresses not just employment but focuses on barriers young people face in realising their potential and building on their strengths to springboard back towards the Job Market.

Andrew from the team explains more:

#YouCan Employability programme

#YouCan covers a wide range of subjects and is delivered through interactive and enjoyable activities. Topics cover the following:

  • Teamwork. This topic is covered through a range of leader lead and leaderless tasks in and out of the projects. Activities include a treasure hunt, where the young people gather information from the local area and present it back to the rest of the group and a problem solving day where they are given a range of activities to complete in a certain time frame.
  • Dealing with Problems. This unit is designed to guide the young people on how to address problems and potentially overcome them. This unit explores the difference between problems that the young people can address themselves and those that will require additional support from Progression Coaches and external agencies
  • Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness. The evidence for this unit is captured through a range of Self-development action plans that are arranged through the 1-1 feedback sessions that the Employability Coaches hold with each young person. The targets are designed to support, develop and stretch their skills set and prepare them for the transition into Employment, Education or Training.
  • Building a career Portfolio. The evidence for this unit is captured during the learning journey. The Young people take part in a range of activities each of which generate evidence to support both the overall qualification and the portfolio they are building. Activities include CV surgery sessions, Interview techniques where the young People interview a professional from another organisation and application surgery sessions where the young people are given support to complete applications to support their desired outcome.

The Young people that attend #YouCan fully gain an OCN Award and a range of experiences that they could potentially discuss during an interview. Each of the programmes also start with an overview of the opportunities that are currently available to ensure that they all have a target or objective to complete the programme.