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How does our multi-award winning Live and Work scheme help young people in the current economic climate?

How can the Living Rent model enable young people to Live, Work, Earn and Learn? Our Chief Executive Jean Templeton explains in Commonweal Housing blog post.

With youth unemployment at record levels, never has it been more important to provide a housing offer which enables young people to live, work, earn and learn. Too often, they are trapped in high rents, requiring dual navigation of the benefit system alongside entry level work or apprenticeship wages. Often the complexity means that work loses out to the greater fear of losing critical benefits.

St Basils’ Live and Work model has tested a ground-breaking approach to providing accommodation which underpins young people’s entry into and sustainment of employment.

The partnership approach to phase one focussed on a shared objective of providing young people, who have been homeless or at risk of homelessness, with safe, affordable accommodation without recourse to the benefit system, and a route into employment via apprenticeships.  Rents were deflated below benefit triggers so that young people were able to live and work and be benefit free.

The scheme has received national recognition, winning the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Homelessness’ category in the National Housing Awards 2018 and ‘Homelessness Partnership of the Year’ in the 2020 UK National Housing Awards.

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