1992 - 2002

In 1992 Carole Gething House was opened to provide supportive short and long stay, and semi-independent accommodation for young homeless women. With three blocks, this could be provided under one-roof, young people would move up the blocks as they became more confident and gained the skills to live independently.

In the next few years St Basils opened a lot of different accommodation projects to provide new and more appropriate move-on accommodation options for young homeless men and women.

In 1994 Priory House in Hall Green opened to provide an additional project to Trentham House and longer term supportive accommodation for homeless young mothers and their babies or toddlers.

In 1994 our largest project to date, Edmonds Court, opened in Small Heath, providing long stay semi-independent accommodation for over 40 young people, including single parents with small children. In 1998 Edmonds Court became Birmingham's first Foyer meaning all young people based at the project were engaged in some form of work, training or education, creating a working community.

In 1997 St Basils first project outside the city boundaries in Solihull was opened providing longer stay supportive accommodation for 5 young people with a Solihull connection

In 1998, St Basils launched a 'Floating Support' project offering intensive housing resettlement support to young people moving into registered social landlord tenancies for the first time. Staff visited young people in their new homes to ensure they were making the transition to independent living sucessfully.

In 1999 St Basils set up a Family Mediation project, helping young people to recontact and rebuild relationships with family.

In 2000, Les Milner retired after 28 years as St Basils Managing Director and Jean Templeton, who had experience managing housing and neighbourhood services in a number of Local Authorities, was appointed as Chief Executive of St Basils. 


All of the accommodation projects and services mentioned here are still in operation to this day. However Carole Gething House is now a mixed accommodation scheme providing help to young men as well as young women. Our Family Mediation service remains an important part of our youth homelessness prevention services. Our Floating Support service both helps to prevent homelssness and helps young people who have left St Basils to move on successfully. See 'our Services' for more information.