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Meet the Board

current board of directors 

Sara Fowler - Chair of the Board of Directors

Sara Fowler







Sara Fowler's Biography

Jean Templeton  - Chief Executive of St Basils

Jean Templeton






 Jean Templeton's Biography


Maddy Bunker - Ordinary Director

Maddy Bunker





Maddy Bunker's Biography


Chris Miller - Ordinary Director

 Chris Miller





Chris Miller's Biography

Steve Guyon OBE - Ordinary Director

Steve Guyon






Steve Guyon's Biography

Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Todd - Ordinary Director





Chris Todd's Biography

Feizal Hajat OBE - Ordinary Director

(Awaiting photo)

Feizal Hajat's Biography

Father Adam Romanis - Nominated Director

Fr Adam Romanis






Father Adam Romanis' Biography